From: Betty Schmidt, Candidate for Santa Anna Township Clerk


Name and personal information

Betty Schmidt has resided in the Farmer City community since 1990. Mrs. Schmidt retired in 2015 from employment at Parkland College and is a member of Sacred Heart Church where she assists with the music ministry. Her husband, Phil Schmidt, has owned and operated Schmidt’s Welding and Fabrication Shop in Farmer City since 1998.

Position seeking

Betty Schmidt is seeking the position of Santa Anna Township Clerk.


Betty Schmidt previously served one term as an elected member of the Blue Ridge School District Board of Education.  The Board of Education voted Mrs. Schmidt to be its Secretary and she performed those duties for two years. Mrs. Schmidt was prepared to successfully complete the tasks of this office through similar experiences obtained in other organization affiliations throughout the years.


Having worked as the Unit Bookkeeper at Blue Ridge Schools (10 years) and then Payroll Manager at Parkland College (15½ years), Betty Schmidt became very familiar with the annual cycles that a governmental agency experiences and the required recordkeeping practices expected by the State of Illinois. While on the job, she strived to meet and exceed these requirements each day.  Also, Mrs. Schmidt has training and experience responding effectively to Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests as required by the law. In addition, she has successfully completed mandated training related to the Illinois Open Meetings Act.

Why running for office

It is the clerk’s records that are the official records of the Township. These records must be structured, very precise, and thorough. Betty Schmidt has the needed skills and proven experience to successfully perform all these duties and more as Santa Anna Township Clerk.

What do you see as the most pressing issues for Santa Anna Township, and what is the best way to address them?

Due to the fraudulent use of a debit card during 2015, which resulted in the theft of funds from a bank account owned by Santa Anna Township, the most pressing issue for the Township is to continue to enforce measures to prevent this or similar activities in the future. The Board of Trustees and other elected officials should be ready to accept and implement recommended corrective actions to protect the taxpayers’ funds from being misrepresented.

How can the Township improve its efforts to connect with the community and be more transparent?

Santa Anna Township can improve its efforts to connect with the community and be more transparent through establishing better utilization and marketing of its website. By posting meeting agendas and minutes to the Township website, the entire community could easily access and review any measures planned by the Township Board of Trustees, Assessor, and/or Road Commissioner. By making a few clicks with your mouse, you could obtain and examine the annual Township and Road District levies and budgets. Ordinances approved for implementation by the Board of Trustees could be made available for your review through this electronic access.

What vital role do you see the Township playing in the local community?

In general, townships in Illinois are responsible for General Assistance, Property Assessment, and Road & Bridge Maintenance.

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