From: David Holtz, Candidate for Santa Anna Township Highway Commissioner

My name is David Holtz and I would like to ask for your vote and support
for my re-election to the Santa Anna Township Highway Commissioner position
on Tuesday April 4, 2017.  I am in my 12th year serving as the Highway
Commissioner and look forward to the opportunity of serving this township
for another term.
In the past 12 years, I have:
• Successfully remained under budget each year while meeting planned goals
such as resurfacing roads even when oil prices increased, made many needed
updates to equipment, new sign installations, purchasing of road materials,
and reduced labor costs.
• Successful snow removal during hazardous weather conditions for rural
residents to travel to/from work and school, in addition for emergency
response services.
• Successfully meet the general administrative duties of the township
highway commissioner to address requests and needs of residents per the
mandatory duties of the township highway commissioner by laws.
• Established effective communication and a working relationship with the
Blue Ridge School District, City of Farmer City Street Department, DeWitt
County Highway Department, and Farmer City Fire Protection District.
• Participated in professional development through attending several
classes, meetings, and educational seminars thru the Township Officials of
Illinois program to keep up to date on township related legislation.
As a lifelong resident of this community, parent, and taxpayer, I take my
role and responsibilities seriously. Over the past twelve years, the
improvements that I have made provided significant improvement in the
safety of our travel on the township roads outside of the city limits of
Farmer City. Even in leaner years as the result of rising oil prices and
limited funding, I was able to focus on maintaining our roads while not
increasing taxes. My goal for the next four years is to continue to contain
costs and make the best use of our available funds. I will continue to do
my best, day or night, to clear the roads in the winter months to ensure
all township road residents can travel as safely as Mother Nature allows.

I ask for your support so that I may continue to serve as the Santa Anna
Township Highway Commissioner. Please vote for me on Tuesday April 4, 2017.
If you have any questions, please feel free to call me at (309) 261-9185.
Thank you again for your continued support!

Thank you,

David Holtz

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