From: Erin McKinley, Candidate for Farmer City City Council

erin pic.jpg

Hi, my name is Erin McKinley. I am 33 years old and a lifelong resident of Farmer City, mother of 2 boys: Dylan 12, and Logan 6; stepmother to Lexi 16 and fiancé of 14 years-Herb. We live and own a home in Farmer City, our two boys attend Blue Ridge schools. I am the office manager of our family owned business, McKinley Water Conditioning, located in downtown Farmer City.

I am running for a 2 year term for city council. My experience and qualifications are as follows: I am Vice President of the Blue Ridge Educational Foundation. I am Co-Director of Farmer City Heritage Days. I volunteer with Angel Tree to help families in our community that are having hardships. I am very active in our community and try to volunteer my time whenever it is needed.

I am running for this office because I am very concerned for our community. We need more accountability up at city hall and we need to improve our community so families will want to move here.

I would say the most pressing issue would be the lack of transparency from our city manager and city bookkeeper regarding all city financial activity. The hotel-motel tax account is concerning to me, I would ask more questions and hold everyone accountable for their actions regarding this account. I would like to also work with officers to help figure out what the issue is with the juvenile vandalism and how we can resolve the problem as a community. Finally, I would like to see the infrastructure of Farmer City be improved, for instance, I would work on a sidewalk replacement initiative so we can improve our sidewalks and make our town look more attractive to potential families looking to move to Farmer City.

My short-term goals for the city is to listen to the people of Farmer City and be a voice for them.  I would also like to look into offering the residents of Farmer City a recycling program where they can recycle locally and not have to drive 30 minutes. I would also like to figure out a better solution to the leaf burning in town. I am not saying to completely do away with it but I would like to see it allowed much less often than it is currently.

My long-term goals would be to make Farmer City beautiful and get certain areas cleaned up around town, also try to help citizens improve their sidewalks. I would also like to see the pool updated in some fashion because I think it is a real asset to our community that we have this facility, it gives teenagers jobs and it is appealing to a family looking to move here. I would like the city to also develop a stronger relationship with our school district and see what we can do together to make our community more attractive to potential families looking to move here.

My opinion on the role of council in our current form of government is to hold our city manager accountable for his actions, listen to the citizens of this community and be a voice for everyone, make informed decisions to make our community a better place. I feel that citizens of our community have somewhat lost their voice and I would like to help them get that back, we need better communication with all departments within the city and to hold the administration more accountable for their actions. Please get out and vote April 4th. I would appreciate your support!!


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