From: Jessica DeMarse, Candidate for Farmer City City Council



Jessica DeMarse
*Married to Ken DeMarse, Mom to Ian 17, Maximus 14, Kathryn 7
Work full time at Carle
Councilwoman since Aug.2016
Chair of Blue Ridge P.I.E. since 2012
I’ve served on BRHS Athletic Boosters, Jr High Boosters, many school sub committees, and town event groups.

-Contact Info

-Seeking retention of my seat as councilwoman on Farmer City City Council

-I feel that the current Council is maintaining a momentum in addressing concerns of the public and is building accountability and transparency while protecting the city in personnel matters.

-I sincerely want the best for our community and want to see it represented for all the positives that are here. This DOES NOT mean we don’t address issues as they arise. It means accountability and refining our processes.  I’m passionate about a community working together without losing control of my emotions.

-Currently the most important items on City agenda would be…
1. Receiving the correct balance of hotel/motel fund and ensuring reconciliation of city accounts. The council members are keeping in contact with the bookkeeper and city manager about the current status of our audit. Unfortunately it is likely we will not be approving any funds to go out of this account until we can build up our reserve.

2. Getting ready for next years budget. Budgeting for Ordinance book updating will help citizens & city staff understand their rights and ordinance enforcement options.

3. Continue fostering the relationship and community connection with the Farmer City Police Department for the sake of our officers and our citizens. Getting an update from Chief Scott at the last council meeting was awesome. He is thinking long term about the vehicles, working to maintain fiscal responsibility of the department and also enforcing town ordinances that will make visible improvements to town.

-Short term goals would be…
1. To determine our plan for the power plant: Maintain the plant for an increase cost which will pay off in the long run or plan for closure as retirements get closer. I would like to see the information we learned in the survey shown and explained in a public forum again so that others can have an input on this. This is a decision that is bigger than the council.

2. We should have full power across I-74 and a running gas station, hotel & eatery. We need to find a developer and we need to consider someone that can help market this new expansion as part of an established city. Farmer City is a great hub city to many other larger towns and that is a good thing.

Longer term…
1. I would like the current businesses that may be struggling to feel more secure in their longevity here. And it would be nice if at least 2 of the empty town businesses were filled.

2. I want people to be able to trust the administration more. I want the city to pass on any shareable information before it’s ‘heard’ elsewhere.

-I think our City Council is a place you bring ideas and issues so that decisions can be made that follow our current laws and to change the laws that are no longer effective.

-Without a local paper it’s going to be more difficult than ever to stay informed with news & happenings.
People will need to make a concentrated effort to find out what current topics are being dealt with.  Being less reactive with opinions and more proactive with actions can only be beneficial.  You DO NOT have to be on the City Council to organize a city project, improvement or otherwise.  Let us work together with you.

Thank You for your time,
Jessica DeMarse
Vote April 4th!



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