From: Marty Kopp, Candidate for Santa Anna Township Trustee


69 year old semi retired farmer. Graduated from Moore Township High School in 1966. Joined the Army in 1967, spent a year in Vietnam , returned to Farmer City in 1970. Married a local girl , Sue Whitehouse, went to Parkland College, 1971-1972 , graduated with an Associate Degree in Farming Technology. Started farming in 1978 to the present.


EXPERIENCE: Trustee for Rutledge Township for 30 years

QUALIFICATIONS :  My experience as a trustee for Rutledge Township.

REASON RUNNING FOR OFFICE: I am very concerned about keeping our Township Government. I have lived my entire life in Farmer City and I care about our town.

MOST PRESSING ISSUE:  The financial situation of our state. The best way to address this is to voice our opinions and concerns to our state legislators.

IMPROVE EFFORTS TO CONNECT WITH OUR COMMUNITY:  visit with the local people, ask for their opinions and concerns

VITAL ROLE IN OUR COMMUNITY:  keep working with the community and keep Santa  Anna township functioning , financially secure and strong .

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