From: Mary (Shelley) Friedrich, Candidate for Farmer City City Council

Mary (Shelley) Friedrich
339 S. John St.
Farmer City, IL 61842

I am seeking a seat on the Farmer City City Council

I have no experience in public office.

I have an Associates Degree in Mass Communications with a specialty in
Visual Arts. I have been an effective business leader, as an Art Director,
for the past 20 years.

I am running for office because I believe I am an effective leader, with a
critical eye and common sense, which is what I believe this town
desperately needs. I am fiscally conservative, I would like to take on
projects which would most definitely use funds, but I would only push these
projects if we could use money from grants and/or donations and volunteer

In my opinion, the most pressing issue for Farmer City is that fact that we
need to get things cleaned up. This is two-fold. Literally and

We need to seek out ways to clean up ramshackle properties and beautify our
downtown area. We need to be more productive administratively and take
accountability for issues that are being brushed under the carpet, so to

As far as short-term goals, I would like to see properties cleaned up. I
would like to take a closer look at ordinances and make sure they are
enforced. I would also love to see a successful Farmer’s Market in the

Longer terms goals for this town in my eyes are to see more businesses open
and more people coming to live in our town. We have to figure out exactly
why people are overlooking Farmer City for residency and fix the problem.
Logistically, we are situated in such a way that travel time is minimal to
Champaign, Bloomington, and Decatur.

The current council does not seem to be proactive from what I have seen.
They react to going-ons but seldom bring new ideas to the table.

I’m not sure that the citizens are currently very involved with the city.
Most things I hear people say are not very flattering. We need positive
citizens that want to help.

Thank you for your time and I would sincerely appreciate your vote on April

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