From: Robert W. “Bob” Scarbrough, Candidate for Santa Anna Township Property Assessor

bob 1

Santa Anna Township Property Assessor

My name is Robert W. “Bob” Scarbrough and I currently serve as your Santa Anna Township Property Assessor. I was appointed & unanimously approved by the current Township Board of Trustees in January 2016. I replaced my father, Dean W. Scarbrough who had the privileged of serving Santa Anna Township for over 50 years. My goal has been to provide a professional, honest & efficient office.

I am a lifetime resident of Farmer City where I have worked exclusively. You might know me from carrying out your groceries at Hammers IGA or delivering your mail for over 34 + years for the U.S. Postal service. During this time, I have had the pleasure of watching a whole generation of children grow up and raise their own kids. You might have heard them refer to me as “Bob the Mailman”. Currently I am president of Central Illinois Cemetery DBA as Maple Grove Cemetery, duties include all maintenance of equipment, cemetery grounds, arranging the sale of monuments & financing. I am also very involved in the Trinity Community Fellowship Church, Knights of Pythias, F.C. Genealogy Society and a 12 step group. Feel free to ask my former co-workers, employers,  friends and business establishments in the FC area, about the person I have strived to become in the last 15 years.

Santa Anna Township Assessor Position -WHAT I DO:

1.I meet with taxpayers to explain the Illinois taxing procedure, discuss assessed values and make sure all eligible exemptions are given. 2. Treat all people with respect, confidentiality and in a friendly manner. 3. Keep track & assess over 1,800 parcels of properties including 700 owner occupied, 260 senior citizens homestead exemptions and 170 senior citizens tax assessment freezes. 4. Strive to work with the Township Board. 5. Uphold my oath of office as a township official.

WHAT I DO NOT DO: 1. Assess Farmland 2. Assess Land values 3. Raise taxes- Taxing bodies calculate tax rate, county, & state may institute a multiplier. ( I just change assessments up & down which are approved by county supervisor of assessments & board of review) 4. Make decisions based on race, creed, political affiliation & personality. 5. Discuss my personal views on political or social issues.

Please call me if you are turning 65 this year or older, so that I can make sure to get you signed up for your Homestead Exemption for your property taxes and see if you may qualify for the senior citizens tax assessment freeze. Call me at 309-928-2211 office or cell 309-825-1196 .

Thank you for your time & I will appreciate your support and your vote. If you have any questions please call me at 309-825-1196.  Robert W. “Bob” Scarbrough Santa Anna Township Property Assessor.     Township Government – Neighbors Helping Neighbors.

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