From: Sally Williams, Candidate for Santa Anna Trustee

Name:  Sally Williams

Position seeking:  Santa Anna Township Trustee

Experience:  Have been in the position for four years.

Qualifications:   I attend annual meetings in Springfield and area workshops
in Bloomington each year where multiple educational sessions are offered. I
attend DeWitt County Township meetings.  I read a monthly publication
offering information on State Legislature, proposed Bills, and general and
specialized updates on State issues and law.  I have learned a lot from
practical exposure to township operations.

Why running for office:  I firmly believe in local government and enjoy
representing voters.  We have a true voice in Government at this level.  It
is where the common man can make a difference.  Township government is ideal
and has been shown to be more efficient than larger governing bodies.  Here
we have neighbors looking after neighbors and the voice of the people can
really be heard.

Most Pressing Issues:   The issues at this time are mostly fundamental
issues of maintenance.   We are maintaining township finances and are
prepared to replace the roof of the Township Hall at some time in the
future.  We received four mowing bids for the cemeteries and accepted the
low bid.  The best way to address issues is to avoid crises and remain
prepared to deal with the unknown.

Connecting with the community and being transparent:  Many mechanisms are in
place to be transparent and connect with the people.  A Town Meeting is held
every April where electors have a direct voice.  Our monthly meetings are in
public and the agenda includes a public comment period when people can speak
without prior appointments.  The meetings include financial, road, assessor,
and cemetery reports.   A tentative budget is available for public
inspection for approximately a month before it is adopted and can be
reviewed at the township hall during regular hours.   At the end of that
period, a public hearing is held on the budget before it is adopted.

Vital local role:  To help each taxpayer by making the best use of every tax

Hosting the peace meal program is extremely valuable for our community.  The
Township Hall is made available for seniors to eat there and socialize, and
meals are delivered to those less able to get out.   We donate monthly to
the local food pantry and the General and Emergency Assistance programs help
those in need.

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