From: Scott Kelley, Candidate for Farmer City City Council

scott kelley

Scott Kelley

I am seeking a 4 year term for Council member of Farmer City.

I came on the council as a fill in for a resignation in March of 2016.

I have lived in Farmer City most of my life and I am a local business owner in Farmer City as well as sales/operations and purchasing manager at Heartland Ag Inc. for over 10 years which is also located in Farmer City. I have good and fair business practices, and I want to carry those  on to make our town a better community and help it grow.

In Nov. of 2015 I initiated the project of Area 21 South Park campgrounds. We took unused city property, cleaned up this area and made 21 camp sites for people to camp free of charge. All this was done by donations and volunteers. The tax payers paid nothing for this project which  we will continue to improve each year.

Our town has been idle for  a long time and we have not had much business growth and limited employment opportunities. I hope to have the opportunity to help our town grow.

Short term goals

I am currently working with the city manager and other council members  to try to get new businesses in town. We are currently working with Meyer Oil Company to bring their business to town in 2018, which would include a truck stop, car wash, restaurants, and possibly a motel in the future near the I-74/Rt. 54 interchange. This will help bring other business opportunities to town along with more available jobs.

Cleaning up our town is another goal I have.

We are a small community and people coming to or interested in moving to our town need to know that our town is clean and a very nice place to live. We can do this by cleaning up current property and housing  by making abandoned homes and/or surplus property livable. We have sold off surplus property to business owners to rebuild homes. It helps keep another house in town and available as a rental or a permanent home  for a resident.

Long term goals.

I would like to see us put in new water pipes to help with the rust problems we currently have and help with less underground pipe breakages we are currently experiencing.

I would like to see better streets in our town. This is a very expensive project but is needed to make our community nice and help it grow.

I would like to see more housing available in the future by adding another subdivision to town.

I would like to bring more businesses to town and help our community grow.

As a council member and tax payer of Farmer City it is my goal to make good decisions for the tax payers without  over spending,  and budgeting properly to meet the long term goals listed above.

I believe Farmer City citizens want the best for the community. I feel that most believe, we as a council are on the right track to fix our current problems and progress forward to building a better and stronger community.

By continuing to fix issues within our means, staying within our budget and making proper decisions for our great little town, I believe we can achieve this.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I hope that I can count on your vote on April 4th.


Scott Kelley

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